Staircase Design Ideas

Designing a new staircase is a real creative challenge. Since there is a lot to think about right from the start, the staircase specialists at Bolton Staircases will assist you with the basics, practical ideas and suggestions on the myriad of options available. Let us inspire you with a staircase that bears your personal signature and that you can enjoy for many years to come.

Whether it's a traditional design you're looking for or the latest modern staircase with glass ballustrades. We will manage your project from start to finish and ensure your complete satisfaction. Book a free home consultation online or call 01204 874301

Wooden Staircase

Wooden staircase

Oak Staircase

oak staircase

Glass Staircase

glass staircase

Metal Staircase

metal stairs

Modern Staircase

modern staircase

Traditional Staircase

traditional stairs

We're a local company with a reputation for our craftsmanship, quality of materials and superb customer service. Planning your new staircase is easy, just arrange a free design consultation that will take no more than an hour. We won't put pressure on you to sign up there and then. Your ideas are our main focus and we'll give you practical advice to make an ideal choice.

Book a free design consultation online or call 01204 874301